Kansas City DWI lawyer-Chris Yotz

Kansas City DWI lawyer-Chris Yotz


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      (This is going to sound a bit like the beginning of a speech at an AA meeting).

     Hello, my name is Chris Yotz and I’m an attorney. I've practiced the legal profession for 14 years. I live in the Waldo area of Kansas City, Missouri which is the reason I chose the name Waldo Lawyer for my site and blog. I received my BA from UMKC in Administration of Justice in 1997 and my JD (law degree) from UMKC School of Law in 1999. I grew up in Independence and Lee’s Summit and have lived in Kansas City for roughly 20 years. I have always lived in the KC Metro area and don’t see a need to ever leave except during the all too rare chance at a vacation.

     Over the years my practice has included other areas of the law, but I currently restrict my practice to helping people who have been charged with traffic tickets, DWI/DUI’s and other criminal charges. I regularly appear in all of the Metro area courts as well as occasionally outside the Metro in the western half of Missouri and Eastern Kansas.

      I am certified in DWI detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing having completed the same course used to certify police officers. I have spent hundreds of hours going over police reports, breath analyzer maintenance reports, police videos and other evidence related to DWI charges over the years. 

     The purpose for my blog is to provide some general information on subjects about which I often receive questions from clients or friends. I will attempt to write the blog entries for you the consumer of legal services rather than attorneys. The law is dry enough and attorneys like it extra dry. 

      I regularly appear in the following Missouri courts: Kansas City Municipal Court, Independence Municipal Court, Blue Springs Municipal Court, Grandview Municipal Court, Belton Municipal Court, Raymore Municipal Court, Harrisonville Municipal Court, Lee's Summit Municipal Court, North Kansas City Municipal Court, Randolph Municipal Court, Liberty Municipal Court, Riverside Municipal Court as well as the Circuit Courts of Jackson County, Cass County, Bates County, Clay County and Platte County.