Blood test used for DWI in Kansas City

Written by: Christopher Yotz 

            The results of a blood test can be used to prove your blood alcohol level in both the criminal case and administrative suspension if you are arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. The arresting officer can ask for you to voluntarily submit to a blood test but in some circumstances they can hold you down a draw the blood forcibly. This should not be the case in a free society but it may be allowed under the law. The United States Supreme Court recently issued a decision placing more restrictions on police forcibly taking your blood. However, even under this decision it is still allowed.

            To support the results of a blood test for alcohol level the state will have to show that the blood was drawn and tested in a reliable manner. This leaves some avenues to contest the validity of the blood test results. It is important to hire a qualified DWI lawyer in order to have the best chance of fighting all aspects of a DWI charge including blood test results. You can contact attorney Chris Yotz today to help defend your rights.