Can criminal convictions be expunged in Missouri?

Written by: Christopher Yotz

            People often ask me if they can have some criminal charge in their past expunged. This is understandable as it is fairly common for someone to have done something as a young person which is not representative of who they are as an older adult. Unfortunately, Missouri does not provide for very many types of convictions to be expunged unlike Kansas. In Kansas, many more types of convictions can be expunged and after shorter periods of time.

            In Missouri you can expunge some misdemeanors after 10 years and some felonies after 20 years. The following is a list of offenses that can be expunged in Missouri and their corresponding statute number:

570.120-Bad check

570.125-Stopping payment on a check

570.130-Fraudulent use of a credit device

569.065-Negligent burning or exploding

569.067-Negligent burning of crop grass, marsh or prairie

569.090-Tampering 2nd degree

569.120-Property damage 2nd degree

569.140-Trespass 1st degree

569.145-Trespass on posted property


574.020-Private peace disturbance


574.010-Disturbing the peace 1st or 2nd offense

577.010-DWI first offense

And, last but not least:

311.326-Minor in Possession of Alcohol (No less than one year after reaching the age of 21 you can file for this expungement).

            As you can see, the list is short. To get any of these charges expunged you have to file suit and satisfy some complicated technical issues. I would strongly recommend hiring an attorney for such a case.