Kansas City DUI-DWI Expungement


Written by: Christopher Yotz

            Missouri does not have very liberal expungement statutes. (See my other blog post on expungements). Convictions that can be expunged in Missouri are very limited. One such conviction that can be expunged is a first DUI-DWI offense. The wait is long and the requirements are strict but if qualified the court is required to grant such an expungement.

            The requirements to qualify for an expungement are:

1.    The conviction to be expunged is in fact a first offense

2.   It has been 10 years from the conviction date

3.   No convictions for any other alcohol related offenses during this term

4.   No alcohol related charges currently pending

5.   The offense to be expunged is not a conviction for DUI-DWI in a commercial motor vehicle. 

            If the expungement is granted the court orders the records sealed and even the record of the expungement must be sealed. However, a record that an expungement occurred can be kept in order to make sure only one such expungement is ever granted as limited by the statute.

            As stated above, the time you have to wait for this expungement is long and the requirements are strict. However, if you qualify under this provision in the Missouri DUI-DWI laws it can certainly help you clear a negative mark from your history.