Charged with driving while suspended in Missouri?

Written by: Christopher Yotz

            If you are charged with driving while suspended or revoked in Missouri it is a very serious offense. You may not know that if you are convicted you will receive a new 1 year revocation of your license. This is a big problem here in the Midwest and especially during a bad economy. People need to drive to get to work and other places in a sprawled out area. Without good public transportation they tend to drive anyway legal or not. Then they continue to get caught, charged and suspended over and over again in a seemingly endless loop.

            What you need to do is determine why you are suspended, fix the underlying problem and then resolve the current problem so that you don’t get caught back in the aforementioned loop. The reasons for the underlying suspension may be due to old tickets that are unpaid, accumulation of points or revocations. An attorney can look over your driving record, determine the reason(s) for suspension or revocation and hopefully help you sort those issues so that you can get your license reinstated. Having your license reinstated can go a long way toward resolving a charge for driving while suspended. However, you will still need an attorney to help with all of this. Just showing up to court with a valid license is not the finish line. There is still work an attorney needs to do with the new charges to keep your newly minted license valid.

            The end goal is to come out of this with a valid license. You need to get out of the constant and costly loop of driving illegally.