Some breathalyzer results in Missouri could be thrown out.

     There may be issues with some breathalyzer results obtained in Missouri DUI cases prior to January 29, 2014. This is due to a brief change to the state regulations governing how the maintenance of the machines is conducted. This is an issue that you should talk over with your attorney. Breathalyzer results are used to show intoxication in the criminal case. Please keep in mind that even if the results are not allowed to be used in court there could be other evidence of intoxication. A lack of reliable breathalyzer results will be more of an issue in an administrative hearing regarding the DUI license suspension.

     You are welcome to have your attorney call me with any questions, or if you do not yet have an attorney I'd be happy to help you with your DUI or DWI case in Missouri.

Here is a link to a news article by Fox 4 News in Kansas City regarding this issue.

Breathalyzer issue in Missouri DUI cases