DWI defense by an experienced Kansas City DWI lawyer

Written by: Christopher Yotz

            When Kansas City DWI lawyer Chris Yotz is hired to help someone accused of Driving While Intoxicated he takes such trust very seriously. He will vigorously defend your rights while keeping you fully informed and engaged in your case. You will be able to communicate directly with the attorney so that your questions are answered quickly, completely and competently by the attorney responsible for your case.

            Defending your rights if you are accused of DWI in Missouri begins with a consultation between you and the attorney to obtain any useful background information and facts pertinent to the case at hand. Then a thorough investigation of the prosecutor’s evidence against you will be completed. After the attorney has the information necessary he can negotiate with the prosecutor to determine whether and how a pretrial plea resolution can be reached. Then after all this, the attorney can properly counsel you on the weight of the case against you, the strength of any defenses you may have and the ramifications of any pretrial resolution available to you. Only after all this work and consultation can you be fully informed such that you can make a decision about what path you would like to take in resolving your case. Contact the attorney today.